Team business cards for employees

Business Cards for teams

making it simple to order cards for your employees

We’ll create a master design and then whenever you welcome a new member of staff or someone needs additional cards, we’ll arrange them at a trade rate

Here at Wattage Media, we can provide you with print solutions that take the hassle out of ordering stationary for your team! We understand that it’s important for your team to always have access to marketing materials that are consistent, in keeping with your brand & easy for your accounts team to manage.

Business cards are one of the most popular tools that all your employees could benefit from to help bring in new customers for your business.

Here's how we can help...

1. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke master design template for your business for just a small set-up fee

2. With no minimum order, you send over employee details as and when you require business cards – whether that’s when someone has joined the company or an existing employee is simply running low

3. We’ll arrange all printing & delivery and can even group your orders into a single invoice to ensure minimal admin for your team

Q. My different departments need different designs?

A. Not a problem at all! We can even make each employees business card unique if you wanted.

Q. What about price?

A. With a single set-up fee from just £50, we can print a set of 250x cards per employee from just £19.00* – that’s more than 65% discount on our usual pricing!

*based on an order for 5 employees at once although please note that we don’t have a minimum order

Q. Why choose Wattage Media?

A. We work with various other companies to manage their printing requirements to free up your time to manage your business. We offer a quality service, premium products and all at a very competitive rate.

Business Cards for the 'Marshes Community Benefit Fund' panel who manage a benefit fund expected to amount to some £3 million for the local community

How to order

Simply get in touch via email or phone to discuss what you are looking for. If you have any queries, we will happily answer them for you.

Next, we’ll send over a quotation and if you’re happy to proceed, we will send over an invoice. We accept payment via bank transfer or cheque.

Ready to discuss further?     Give us a call on 0151 5580 480 or email